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Testimonials of Past MITP Students

I approached a mentor in 2018, unsure on how to channel my interest in international affairs and development into a career. Discussion surrounding this programme inter alia ensued. I was drawn by the practical components of the programme; a study tour in Geneva and a 3 month internship in an area related to your research paper. Those experiences, I believed, would give me a competitive advantage in the job market and allow me to thrive in either the public or private sectors. The multidisciplinary training encourages you to analyse complex situations from multiple viewpoints; which augurs well for future decision making in your professional life. The practical training also opens up opportunities for you to make meaningful contributions in private, public and third sectors. locally, regionally and internationally. You will see alumni in almost every fora of society which is  testament to the high quality of this programme

Ade O’Neal – Cohort 15Trade & Project Development Officer - Barbados Port Inc.

The MITP has been fundamental to my career in trade and development. I chose the Program as a means to explore the potential of export-led development for the Region’s economies. However upon doing the program, I was enlightened to the many aspects and avenues for development at the Region’s disposal through trade. Not only do I recommend the program as a stepping stone to career development, but the experience of the course is character-building and lends itself as a great foundation for personal development.

Camille Russell – Cohort 4

I would highly recommend the programme. It provides an excellent foundation for anyone looking to pursue a career in international trade. One of the main benefits of the MITP programme is its alumni network. The connections I made through MITP significantly contributed to my professional success. My advice to any future MITP student is to maintain the relationships gained through the programme; it will be invaluable to your career.

Maritza Bengochea – Cohort 7

I would recommend the program to others. I believe the program does live up to its advertised representation of exposing students to the dynamic world of trade. The program itself offers an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of trade. Courses, such as Trade in Services and Public International Law, expose you to the way the world of trade is governed. Also the Shridath Ramphal Centre hosts programs that offer live discussions on the current trade issues, and the opportunity to ask questions and interact with trade professionals from the region.

Diakia Straker – Cohort 15

I would absolutely 1000% recommend the MITP programme. Expect to be challenged on day 1, as it is a steep learning curve. However, upon becoming a MITP programme graduate, you will be capable of operating in any professional environment at the highest levels of competency. My time spent in the programme was also one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of my adult life.

Dr. Jean Paul Skeete – Cohort 8

I highly encourage any prospective student who is passionate about this field of study to apply because of the high quality of the programme and the massive impact it could have on their careers. MITP alumni have gone on to obtain jobs directly related to trade and development in local, regional and international institutions. Additionally, with a background in MITP there is always scope for upward mobility in a wide range of career paths.

Alana Reilly – Cohort 9

Doing the MITP programme was one of my best career decisions! My interest in trade was piqued after pursuing an elective course in Trade and the Environment during my undergraduate studies in Political Science. I was elated to learn there was an entire Masters being offered by the UWI Cave Hill on International Trade Policy. What sets the MITP apart from many other Masters programmes in trade globally is that it has found that perfect balance between giving you an international perspective through its cadre of internationally renowned lecturers and Geneva study tour, while also including a Small States/Caribbean perspective. Its multidisciplinary approach, as well as its mixture of theoretical and practical components, equip the trade professional with all the skills necessary to function in this dynamic field, whether in a government, the private sector or civil society capacity. I highly recommend the programme to anyone with an interest in the field of trade.

Alicia Nicholls – Cohort 6

My profound interest and passion to learn about and promote Caribbean development and growth was the fundamental motive behind choosing the MITP Program. The MITP Program contained crucial courses which highlighted major factors affecting and influencing the success of the Caribbean Region, and its trading partners/ rivals, that piqued my interest. Undoubtedly, I would recommend the Program to others. The wealth of knowledge and experience gained during the Program is invaluable.

Taiesha Thomas – Cohort 14

My decision to choose this programme came from my own research and recommendations from MITP alumni. While researching the programme, what peaked my interest the most, was the way in which it utilized the material taught in the classroom practically. This was done through the use of simulated negotiations, internships and the study tour to Geneva. I would most definitely recommend the programme, more so to persons who see themselves working in the areas of public policy-making, international trade and international development.

Syan Bhagwatsingh – Cohort 9

The MITP programme offered me the balance I was looking for, a career that merged my interest in both Economics and International Development while also specialising in the area of Trade. Its practical modules on negotiations and the internship component were also very attractive practical elements I was looking for in a programme.

Ginelle Greene Dewasmes – Cohort 8

Alumni Network

Over the past 15 years, the MITP has produced trade and business professionals across the region who now assume important positions in their respective fields. Due to the demanding nature of the programme, MITP students develop a close bond with each other and the Centre during their course of study, and for years after, the programme remains a source of pride. They also look to the SRC for leadership, job opportunities, and as a source of continuous learning.

In an effort to reach out to engage and provide continued professional support for alumni, an MITP Alumni Network has been often recommended. Over the past few months, Ms. Aurelia Bruce, a former student, has agreed to coordinate this effort in conjunction with the SRC.