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The SRC Trading Thoughts Column is a bimonthly issue produced at the SRC in which we, or contributing authors, provide critical views and thoughts on issues of ongoing interest in trade and investment, with a particular focus on the Caribbean.

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  • Lessons from the Appellate Body’s Parting Shot in the WTO Tobacco Plain Packaging DisputeLessons from the Appellate Body’s Parting Shot in the WTO Tobacco Plain Packaging Dispute
    By Dr. Jan Yves Remy The report issued this week by the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the Australia Tobacco Plain Packaging dispute might be remembered because it is the final report of a dying international appeal court.  However, to focus on its symbolic value only would be a missed opportunity to learn key lessons from one of the largest disputes ever litigated at the WTO. And what are these valuable lessons?  First, by upholding Australia’s right to regulate public heath through its tobacco control measures, the Appellate Body elevated “health” over “trade” at a time… Read more »
  • COVID-19 Is Exposing Cybersecurity VulnerabilitiesCOVID-19 Is Exposing Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities
    By Chelcee Brathwaite COVID-19 is shifting more activities to online platforms: from board meetings to classrooms, to church services, to local vendors, all are moving online as a result of new social and physical distancing measures. Reports indicate that since the pandemic began, web conferencing has grown by 500%, video platforms by 265%, webinars by 226% and live chats by 194%. E-commerce too has grown as shoppers are being forced to conduct transactions online. While these developments represent a win for the digital economy, a darker underbelly is also growing as cybercriminals capitalize on the increase in online activity. Perhaps… Read more »
  • Geopolitically Investigating The Flight Plan For Caribbean Integration: The Case Of LIATGeopolitically Investigating The Flight Plan For Caribbean Integration: The Case Of LIAT
    Dr. Kai-Ann D. Skeete INTRODUCTION Given the Caribbean’s natural geography, air transportation is a critical component of our regional infrastructure. The Caribbean is heavily reliant on air-transportation to provide connectivity which is fundamental to sustaining economic growth in a region highly dependent on trade in goods and services, especially tourism. However, several CARICOM leaders have chosen not to rally behind LIAT and fail to see the importance of LIAT to the successful functioning of their economies. As I write this, the region is in unchartered territory and is battling with what geopolitical strategists call wildcard events. Wildcard events are essentially… Read more »
  • LIAT is the real MVP of Caribbean IntegrationLIAT is the real MVP of Caribbean Integration
    Dr. Kai-Ann Skeete INTRODUCTION Conceptualised in 1956, LIAT predates the Caribbean Independence movement, although it became operational in 1974. Presently, it is comprised of a mere 10 aircraft, 5 ATR42s with 48 seats and 5 ATR72s with 68 seats which service 15 destinations among the English, French, Spanish and Dutch-speaking Caribbean around the clock. My parents’ generations had the Federal Palm and Federal Maple to traverse the Caribbean Sea; in 2020, my generation and future generations to come, will only know about LIAT which ‘has now become a household name.”[1] However,  at the turn of the year, the Caribbean is… Read more »
  • An Opportunity to Reclaim Industrial Policy in CARICOMAn Opportunity to Reclaim Industrial Policy in CARICOM
    By Joel K. Richards INTRODUCTION The current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis which originated in China, and which has severely disrupted China-centric value and supply chains, has laid bare the limits of countries having outsourced their industrial policy to China. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the slowdown of manufacturing in China due to the COVID-19 outbreak is disrupting world trade and could result in a USD 50 billion decrease in exports across global value chains (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development , 2020). For most if not all Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries, we are likely… Read more »