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Please see below the SRC’s most recent working research papers and documents:

CARICOM- U.S. Trade and Investment Relations (Authors: Natallie Rochester and Andrea M. Ewart, Esq.) – October 2023

Transition to a Circular Economy: Examples from Africa and the Caribbean (Author: Chibole Wakoli) – August 2023- Policy Brief

Caribbean and African SIDS’ International Investment Agreements and Climate Action (Author: Alicia Nicholls) – June 2023- Policy Brief

Trade-Related Climate Priorities for CARICOM at the World Trade Organization  (Author: Dr. Jan Yves Remy prepared with TESS) – January  2023- Policy Brief

TIFA/TIC Trade Relations Between the United States and Uruguay (Authors: Angélica Herrera Muñoz and Ana Claudia Morán) – August 2022

The Power of Small – MSME’s as a Source of Innovation (Author: Chelcee Brathwaite) – June 2022

The Trade and Climate Change Interface (Authors: Dr. Jan Yves Remy, Rueanna Haynes and Kaycia Ellis-Bourne) – November 2021- Policy Brief

An Overview of Food Security and Trade Across CARICOM (Author: Chelcee Brathwaite) – July 2021- Policy Brief

Trading Without Borders: Celebrating the Association of Caribbean States and Unlocking its Full Potential (Authors: Dr. Jan Yves Remy and Chelcee Brathwaite) – November 2020

SRC Policy Document: Trading our way to Recovery During COVID-19: Recommendations for CARICOM Countries (Authors: Chelcee Brathwaite, Alicia Nicholls and Dr. Jan Yves Remy) – October 2020

Diagnostic Review of E-commerce Related Policies Initiatives and Legislation Across CARICOM (Authors: Chelcee Brathwaite and Dr. Jan Yves Remy) – June 2020

Utilising a Trade Vulnerability Index (Authors: Jason Cotton, Alicia Nicholls and Dr. Jan Yves Remy) – September 2019

A Holistic Approach To Digital Trade: Closing The Digital Gender Divide (Authors:  Dr. Jan Yves Remy & Chelceé Brathwaite) – 2019