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SRC Staff Publications

The Case for Accelerating Gender Mainstreaming in CARICOM Trade Policy

Author: Dr. Jan Yves Remy & Alicia Nicholls

Organisation: SRC

Year: 2019

Closing the Digital Gender Divide through Trade Rules

Organisation: CIGI
Year: 2019

A Holistic Approach To Digital Trade: Closing The Digital Gender Divide

Authors:  Dr. Jan Yves Remy & Chelceé Brathwaite

Organisation: CIGI/SRC

Year: 2019

Other publications

Trade and Women

Author: Ben Shepherd

Organisation: ABDI

Year: 2017

Gender-related Provisions in Regional Trade Agreements

Author: José-Antonio Monteiro

Organisation: WTO

Year: 2018

Trade and Gender: Opportunities and Challenges for Developing Countries

Author: UNCTAD

Organisation: UNCTAD

Year: 2004

Making Gender Responsive Free Trade Agreements

Author: Alexandre Larouche-Maltais and Barbara MacLaren

Organisation: The Conference Board of Canada

Year: 2019

Women and Trade: The Role of Trade in Promoting Gender Equality

Organisation: World Bank and World Trade Organization

Year: 2020