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The SRC’s International Trade Policy Programme

The SRC flagship programme offers a globally relevant and recognized programme rooted in Caribbean and small states realities. The programme is offered both as a Masters of Science (M.Sc.) degree and a post-graduate diploma awarded by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of the West Indies’ Cave Hill Campus, Barbados. The MITP/PGITP Coordinator is Dr. Jan Yves Remy, current SRC Director. The MITP/PGITP Administrator is Mrs. Desiree Evelyn.

The Masters in International Trade Policy Programme is a 12-month full-time course that emphasizes critical thinking on trade policy matters, taught by a unique blend of regional and international scholars, professionals and practitioners. It also engages participants in interactive learning scenarios that emulate the world of advocacy, negotiations and trade diplomacy.

The SRC also offers a Postgraduate Diploma in International Trade Policy – a four-month course of study that allows students to cover core courses in international trade policy in one semester.

For those not in Barbados there are limited spaces available for remote classes so please sign up today!

Persons are also permitted to take individual courses on an ad hoc basis. For further information, please contact our MITP/PGITP administrator.

Download our MITP/PGITP brochure by clicking the image below:

About the Masters in International Trade Policy Programme (MITP)

The MITP is taught over the course of 12 months. The MITP has both a theoretical and practical component.


Theoretical Component: For the first 6 months (conducted over the course of Semester I and Semester II), students learn in a class room environment about the theories and substantive scope of trade rules from a multi-disciplinary perspective of law, politics and economics. While a global perspective is provided, the added value of the programme is to provide a uniquely Caribbean perspective that students will find nowhere else and will afford them an opportunity to begin thinking about Caribbean responses to global problems and issues.


Practical Component: The practical component includes a two-week study tour in a city or region of particular trade interest for the region (currently, the Study Tour has been confined to Geneva) and then undertake a three-month practical attachment to a national, regional or international institution or company with a trade or trade-related function.


Semester I covers the “core” courses. In Semester II, students must undertake a supervised Research paper; and choose four courses from a variety of electives. At the end of Semester II, students participate in the Study Tour; and complete a three-month internship at a trade/related organization or business.

About the Post-Graduate Diploma in International Trade Policy Programme (PGITP)

The SRC is proud to also offer a PGITP for those students who only wish to complete the core courses offered in Semester I. This PGITP caters to the student who does not have the time to complete a Masters in one academic year and who may opt at a later date to attain a full Masters by selecting courses over a longer period time. It also caters to the student who simply wishes a post-graduate diploma in international trade policy.

Why you should enroll with us?

  • Courses are tailor-made for the student who wants to acquire multi-disciplinary expertise in regional and international trade policy and business, with a  specific emphasis on the perspective of small states
  • The Masters Course has been running for 15 years and has generated a well-connected alumni network of over 180 persons, including many of the region’s TOP regional trade professionals
  • Every year, we do a Study Tour to Geneva, Switzerland where we meet Caribbean and international trade experts and visit the major international trade institutions where trade is taking place!
  • Our teaching faculty comprises trade professionals drawn from the region and internationally, who have academic, government and business backgrounds in trade.
  • Following the course, we assist in finding you internships in regional and international trade organizations.

Core Courses

Our core courses are offered in Semester I for our Master in International Trade Policy (MITP) and Postgraduate in International Trade Policy (PGITP) students. Please click on the course to access the course description.

Elective Courses

Our elective courses are offered in Semester II. Please click on the course to access the course description.

Qualification Requirements

For information about qualification requirements, please visit the website of The Graduate Studies Department here.

Any Questions? Reach Out To Our MITP/PGITP Administrator

To learn more about our MITP and PGITP programmes, please do not hesitate to reach out to our MITP/PGITP Administrator.