Brexit Document Library

SRC Staff Publications

Can CARIFORUM-UK Trading Relations Survive the Clouds of Uncertainty Hanging over UK-EU Relations?

Author: Dr. Jan Yves Remy and Alicia Nicholls

Organisation: SRC

Year: 2018

Rough Seas or Smooth Sailing for UK-CARIFORUM Relations in No-Deal Brexit?

Author: Nia Marshall

Organisation: SRC

Year: 2019

A Legal Assessment of the Impact of Brexit on UK-CARICOM Relations

Author: Tara Leevy

Organisation: Lawyer

Year: 2020

Other publications

Post-Brexit UK-ACP Trading Arrangements: Some Reflections

Author: Mohammad Razzaque and Brendan Vickers

Organisation: Commonwealth Secretariat

Year: 2016

What Brexit means for the Eastern Caribbean: Issues and challenges

Author: ECCB

Organisation: ECCB

Year: 2017

Brexit and the Caribbean: Much Ado About Nothing?

Author: Jeetendra Khadan and Inder J Ruprah

Organisation: IDB

Year: 2016

Brexit: Challenges and Opportunities for Jamaica and Other CARIFORUM Countries

Author: Olayinka Bandele and Rashmi Banga

Organisation: Commonwealth Secretariat

Year: 2017

How will Brexit affect the Caribbean?

Author: Errol Humphrey

Organisation: ECDPM

Year: 2016