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SRC Virtual Trade and Investment Research Series

The SRC Virtual Trade & Investment Research Series is a new research series that provides a forum for promoting timely and cutting-edge research on contemporary trade and investment issues. The specific objectives of the SRC Virtual Trade & Investment Research Series are as follows:


  • To advance research and academic knowledge and thought on the ability of trade and investment to be drivers of Caribbean growth and sustainable development;
  • To facilitate and promote the exchange of ideas and dialogue among academics, practitioners, the private sector, civil society, and other stakeholders on specific contemporary themes in international trade and investment;
  • To discuss and propose practical solutions to existing trade and investment challenges facing Caribbean small States;
  • To provide a facilitative forum, including for early career researchers and students on trade and investment issues, to share their research and receive constructive feedback from various stakeholders, including established academics and practitioners.
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Trade for Post-COVID-19 Development: Industrial Policy and Tourism


The first of the series will be held on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 and features the top graduates of the MITP programme who will present their research papers under the theme “Trade for Post-COVID-19 Development: Industrial Policy and Tourism“. The discussant Dr. Keith Nurse will provide comments. A moderated question and answer session will follow.