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The SRC is pleased to invite you to the first webinar of 2024! This SRC Lunchtime Chat Webinar, entitled “Developing Country Responses to the EU CBAM“, will explore the legality, practicality and effectiveness of the European Union’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (EU CBAM) and how various developing countries have responded to it since it entered into application in its transitional phase in 2023.  

For developing countries, the EU CBAM raises a number of questions, including how to deal with the measure itself, how to preserve their policy autonomy, and what responses can be given to it internationally. Whether as a matter of climate justice, climate commitments, or international trade law, it seems logical that a carbon price with extraterritorial effect must promote and not undermine the development and climate goals of developing countries. Developing countries have limited resources (subsidies, government support) at their disposal to achieve their own objectives. The EU CBAM provides no guarantee that the revenues collected will be used to support developing countries’ climate ambitions.

The webinar will bring together respected experts from diverse countries and regions – including India, South Africa, the EU, the Caribbean and the Middle East – with legal and/or economic expertise and look beyond discussions regarding the compatibility of the EU CBAM with international trade or international climate law to consider practical responses to the EU CBAM including  the establishment of a Sustainability fund, for housing and dispensing the collected rebates,  or individual countries setting up domestic funding mechanisms, through the imposition of targeted mirror levy on exports to the EU. This would allow developing countries to leverage the mechanisms of the EU CBAM to fund their own economic decarbonization and preserve their policy autonomy.

Time: 10:00 am AST (Barbados) 3:00 pm CET (Geneva)

Date: Thursday 25 January 2024

Join us and register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_aHeaKH_kSgqfGApAWziFuQ