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International Trade Policy for the Business Professional

The International Trade Policy for the Business Professional short course is designed for the busy business professional who needs a ‘crash course’ into the workings of trade policy and the practical aspects of trade. Because it is firms, and not governments, which trade, business persons need to be apprised of the various trade agreements which governments have negotiated to facilitate trade and to know how to access the benefits thereunder. Business persons also need a grounding in the workings of the multilateral trading system and the CARICOM system.


The course is meant to provide the business professional with an introduction to the key aspects of international trade, including an introduction to the multilateral trading system and CARICOM, how to read and interpret trade agreements, types of international market entry, trade finance options and international business ethics.


The course will be conducted virtually over a five-day period using the Zoom teleconference platform. Sessions will include a mixture of lectures using powerpoint presentations, videos, guest presentations and breakout session group activities. The sessions will be recorded and accessible to the students. The lecturer will communicate with the students via email.


The following (4) modules will be taught over the course of five days:


  • The multilateral trading system: The WTO and its agreements
  • CARICOM and regional trade agreements
  • International Market Entry Strategies
  • Practical Aspects of International Trade

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To find out more information about this course and to enrol, please contact Mr Kyle Garnes at kyle.garnes@oecs.int.