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Customs Trade Policy and Administration

The SRC would like to congratulate all the participants who successfully completed the two-week course “Senior Customs Managers Course on Customs Trade Policy and Administration”, held online from 7 – 18 March 2022. The course was organized by the SRC and the OECS Commission and was facilitated by Mr. Bernard Black.

The Customs and Customs Administration in CARICOM/OECS is a two-week training course for senior regional customs officials that reviews trade and customs policy mandates with a view to strengthening harmonization of trade related processes and procedures. Given the role of regional customs administrations as frontline players in revenue collection and security functions in Member States, this training course is developed against the background that the CSME has become a single economic space that requires processes and procedures that are streamlined and predictable for traders and consumers.

What will I Learn?

On successful completion of the course, delegates will be able to:


  1. Explain the basic concepts, principles and challenges involved in managing customs administrations.
  2. Outline the work of the World Customs Organizations in the development of global standards for international trade purposes.
  3. Identify all International Trade Agreements, Treaties and arrangements which impact on trade including the revised Treaty of Chaguaramas and the Revised Treaty of Basseterre.
  4. Discuss the theory and practice of risk management.
  5. Discuss the application of the risk management process within a customs administration.
  6. Assess the principles of Integrity and Governance within the Customs environment.
  7. Analyse a defined problem using a real situation and real information as an analytical tool through the use of a case study.