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Business, Government and International Economy

Course Description

This course examines critical relationships that exist between business, government, and society in the world economy.   It begins with an historical overview of globalization and the various  institutions, processes and actors that constitute the global economic system.  As part of their patterns of competition and cooperation, governments determine the essential frameworks of international relations along with the policies and laws within which business must operate.  Businesses also compete and cooperate among themselves, while at the same time seeking to influence government policy and regulation.  These interactive dynamics are shaped by both domestic and international forces, including most notably globalization.

The course will survey recent trends affecting international business-government relations and utilize specific cases to study their application across a range of issues.  These include governance of the global economic system; the impact of global markets on states and societies; the evolution of rivalry in international markets, including the strategic interaction of states and firms; and nation’s alternative growth and development strategies.  Since trade issues are covered in depth in many other parts of the MITP Program, this course focuses more on other dimensions of State-Firm dynamics, particularly foreign direct investment and economic development.  It also includes examination of more recent topics in international business, including foreign aid, remittances, and the dynamics of the informal economic sector.  Finally, the course is oriented throughout toward examination of these issues in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The course will be taught through a variety of methods, including lectures, in-class discussions and debates, case studies and multimedia presentations. This course is highly interactive and students are strongly encouraged to complete the assigned readings and to keep abreast with local, regional and international business news.