Elective Courses

TradeLab Legal Clinic

Course Description

This course/clinic, offered with the Faculty of Law at The UWI Cave Hill, offers a unique opportunity to thoroughly analyse trade law and jurisprudence through a combination of practice and theory. Students will work on specific legal questions related to trade law coming from real clients.

Clinic projects will address actual requests for assistance received from beneficiaries, most of whom will likely be based in the Caribbean, but could also include developing countries, international organizations, or other stakeholders in need, such as NGOs or SMEs. Projects to be pursued by students will be selected on the legal/policy relevance, basis of need, and capacity/availability of resources. In addition, students will be carefully supervised by academic supervisors who will deliver instruction in a classroom setting.

This course will be useful to the students who would like to gain practical experience in international trade law, while at the same time enhance their substantive legal knowledge.

It will also be useful to introduce students to career opportunities in international trade law by allowing them to interact with beneficiaries and mentors working in the trade law field and exposing them first-hand to the practice of international trade law in the Caribbean and around the world.

For more information about the Trade Lab Legal Clinic, read here.