Is Food Security the Problem?

By Neil C.A. Paul

As I grapple with the Food Security Situation, I am a little concerned…Is Food Security the problem or a result of a bigger problem? I am concerned because we must identify clearly what is the problem if we are to devise workable solutions.

I am told by some colleagues that the problem is a lack of productivity. Others surmise that the problem stems from a negative view, impression, perspective of agriculture as a profession…business… career.

Still some view the problem from a policy perspective where commission agents are allowed to import cheap food at the detriment of the agricultural sector and then there is the perspective that we must import the food that tourists want to eat.

I think the last comment is hogwash. When we travel abroad, we don’t seek out our cultural foods so why should the tourist insist on their cultural food. Let me have some of your thoughts as I try to crystallise the real problem.

Neil C.A. Paul is the Director of the Shridath Ramphal Centre. This post was originally posted on Linkedin. To see the original Linkedin post and discussion, please click here.