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Areas of Research at the SRC

The SRC is the leading institute for trade policy research in the Caribbean Region. Our major focus areas are:

Blue and Green Economy

The Blue Economy refers to the sustainable use of ocean resources for development. These are important economic areas for the Caribbean Region which comprises primarily small island developing States and coastal States. The Green Economy refers to growth and development strategies which are low-carbon, resource-efficient and socially inclusive.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a global development strategy established by the Government of the People’s Republic of China in 2013 focused on infrastructure development projects. Over 100 countries have to date signed on to the initiative, including several Caribbean countries.


E-commerce, also known as digital trade, is one of the fastest growing areas of international trade. It refers to commercial transactions concluded via the internet.

Food Security

Food security refers to the access to and availability of food supplies to satisfy the population.

Investment Law & Policy

Investment Law and policy refers to the policies and legal frameworks put in case to manage cross-border investment flows and to harness investment for sustainable development.

Women and Trade

Trade is not gender-neutral. Trade policies have varied impacts on men and women. Women can be negatively impacted by trade, but also can be empowered by trade.