VIDEO – SRC One on One Chat with Dr. Mustaqeem De Gama on WTO COVID-19 TRIPS Waiver Proposal

The SRC is pleased to share our SRC 1 on 1 Interview with Dr. Mustaqeem De Gama, South African Representative to the World Trade Organization (WTO), and co-proponent of the WTO Waiver for a Covid-19 Vaccine and other treatments. 

In this interview, hosted by the SRC’s Deputy Director Dr Jan Yves Remy,  Dr. De Gama explains the rationale for his proposed waiver from WTO TRIPS obligations and tells us why CARICOM Countries should support it. 

Watch the video here:

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The interview follows from an SRC Trading Thoughts article entitled “Should CARICOM countries support a TRIPS waiver to access the COVID-19 vaccine?” which was co-authored by Dr. Remy and Dr. De Gama and available here.