Who will deliver the structural changes the pandemic has highlighted?

The SRC’s recently released Policy Brief entitled “Trading Our Way to Recovery During COVID-19: Recommendations for CARICOM Countries” was discussed by noted commentator on Caribbean issues, David Jessop, in his latest article.

In the piece entitled “Who will deliver the structural changes the pandemic has highlighted?”, Mr. Jessop argued that:

The document is at one and the same time, both stimulating and disheartening. It is positive in that it clearly describes the principal long standing economic policy issues holding back the region’s development and suggests several new initiatives that might be pursed. By placing them all in a post COVID recovery context the report effectively challenges governments and the private sector to address each of its forty-four policy recommendations as a part of a coherent deliverable recovery package.It is disheartening because much of what it says should have been addressed decades ago when the region’s financial capacity and the will to deliver regional solutions was much greater.

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