Advancing Women in Trade Through the UNCTAD Gender Declaration

Join us on 8th March 2022 for our Special International Women’s Day SRC Lunchtime Chat featuring a tribute to Dame Billie Miller for her outstanding service in trade to the region.

Meet our panelists: Amrita Bahri (Associate Professor – ITAM), Roberta Clarke (Commissioner – IACHR), Vashti Guyadeen (CEO -TTCSI) and Sade Jemmott (Attorney / Consultant), moderated by Chelcee Brathwaite (SRC Researcher) and open remarks by Nicole Mensa (WTO DG’s Advisor on Women)

The discussion will centre around UNCTAD’s Declaration on Gender and Development, which can be found here. Attendees can review beforehand the declaration and the overall UNCTAD work plan

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